Far away lights EP

by Liars & Sinners

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Recorded @ Mustache Ministry Studio Warsaw in Winter 2016
Rec/Mix/Master: Marcin Klimczak
Music & Lyrics: Konrad Słoka


released March 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Liars & Sinners Warsaw, Poland

Liars & Sinners is a Konrad Słoka's solo project - a member of polish punk band White Crosses.

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Track Name: Nights Cats
Check out the Lyric Video here:
Track Name: Lifelong learning
You know I'm far from apologies
It's daddy's fault so blame the genetics
But most of the time when I swing around
My heart is melting down
When the night paints the skyline world becomes so weird
It's fighting back all the bad words that I fought
and teach me how to bleed

Sometimes it's hard to get what's going on here
I guess life is not a test with the bad marks only
you gotta learn how talk to the others, control the fear
and not to feel fucking useless

Sometimes I think I'm perfectionist
I'm willing do my best
when you're the queen of reality baby
then I'm the king of this mess.
Track Name: Voices
You're the bad girl you know it
How much time you have spent on saying you're sorry
with the glass in your hand when everybody left the table
call on my name again, dispell all my doubts
can you hear what I hear
strange voice through the ceilling
when I can't fall asleep home alone
You see leafs are falling
and you think what a cruel they hit on the ground
when nobody's watching, noone's around
your laugh still rings in this room
your touch is all that I need
can you hear what I hear
strange voice through the ceilling
Track Name: Half way home
I'm not afraid of death
I'm more afraid of what comes next
I'm good to go
This is the only way I know, I've chosen on my own
Dry your salty eyes
I gave my word I'll raise this kid, don't need to say goodbye
My love, no matter where I stand, is always behind this door

Hey, I've found the perfect place that noone knows
I reached the top, but I'm only half way home
Can't feel my legs it's cold inside my bones
I fight for every breath before it's gone

Your dress is so white on the photograph
inside my book I've read it million times
I'm stuck here in this desert I found my holy land