by Liars & Sinners

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released September 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Liars & Sinners Warsaw, Poland

Liars & Sinners is a Konrad Słoka's solo project - a member of polish punk band White Crosses.

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Track Name: Small Talks
I promise it won't takie long, about fifty fallen raindrops
or a couple of your favorite songs. We can sit and talk for a while,
I will roll your cigarettes, in the midtime you can smile.

I got through another day, still got fire in my eyes despite of bruises on my face. Now I'm wandering through the night, got no proper words to say, so you can read between the lines

I love these small talks, they're shining diamonds
Shine in the dark caves of the blackest mountains.

I got lost in my own words, I was convinced I've always known
Now I'b breaking all my rules and stuck my ears between my hands.
Track Name: Holy Break
I'm watching as the sun goes up alone
Last borrowed cigarette ends up with blowing out last smoke
I should have done so many things today
Last month from what I've beed heard was exactly the same.

Disorder's riding on my back, became a part of me now
My spirit needs a holy break
Everything around seems better than what I've got inside
am I getting crazy, or this world's got hard enough?
Questions 'What I want' turned into 'What I need?' instead
My dreams will kill me, but without them I'm already dead.

Turned off my phone before it rings
I'm talking to myself, don't need your voice, compassion's for weak
All my money saved for tickets home, spent for illusory pleasures
that I spent all alone.
Track Name: Winter Sun
Wake me up with all your habits, I don't mind if you're too loud
Winter sun creates no shadow, it slowly brings me back to life
I haven't been myself last weekend, my clumsy words you understand so well
you heard before my favorite stories, but you still listen till the end.

I just wanna wake up by your side, with every single thought we feel asleep last night, living in the dreams we dream about.

I love this place as much as you do, but I am lost if you're not around
If I lose my favorite stories noone ever writes them down.
Track Name: William
I don't care how I feel now when everything's gone
I should have lived in different times and some places I belong
All the books that I borrowed don't even move from the shelves
and some TV commercials are still louder than the knell

As usual we notice the beauty of the world
at the time when it's quite possible we might leave it

I sing along all the lyrics I haven't written so far
I'm still hoping for chances, they help us know who we are.
Track Name: Our Own America
Will I ever be more ready to wath you go and leave me here alone
We wrote our fairytales and then just burried them
wet from tears cried out on happy endings

We've been always looking for our own America, with all those pick-up trucks and some whiskey bars somwhere at the west coast, looked around for place to lay our heads and save the money just to waste them another day.

Lights from hotel rooms shine on the wide roads, I haven's slept for days, maybe for weeks. i'm hiding all my life inside my guitar case, horizon is the place I want to be.

We've been always looking for our own America, with all those endless woods and spaceships made of gold.
All those pretty things I want so bad, like warming up your hands between my hands.
Track Name: Dogs With Paper Teeth
How was your day? It was full of crap and nonsenses you had to say to get rid of panic that lead to heart attacks? Too fast jumped off the bed, dizzy world seems to be friendly with the dizzy head. Silent prayer finally has got something to say.

Dance with my, in the park, on december at the night we used to sleep
We'll be on top if the lights go out. I'm always looking back, I'm sorry it's not my fault I was born like that. Sometimes it hurts, teach me lessons though.

What I've lost amd what I've found
Secret faces all around
I'm walking through, no need to stay and wait for applause
Let's not believe, we're the doghs with paper teeth
we live our lives that we don't want and then we're gone.
Track Name: To All Of My Friends
There's a thousand of words I don't need to know to speed up your breath, or to scream for your help if I fall, I'm calling your name when I fall.
There's a hindred of chords I don't know how to play, but it keeps me alive when I sing about the better days, will you sing along with me?

There's no use to pretend or hide behind the mask, it's harder to breath
and id dims all the lights to the dark, in the end you'll find your face on the ground.I am who I am and I hope you will know, I repeat like a prayer, that I never change at all. I will sing from the bottom of my lungs:

No I finally know what it's all about
When it's out of my head, then it;s still in my heart.

I love this place, it's so safe and sound. Let's drink to this moment and to all of my friend all around.